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UAP reporting for commercial pilots and veterans

If you are a commercial pilot or a veteran and want to report a UAP sighting, ASA can help. Please follow the instructions to get in touch with an outline of your incident. We may request additional information or invite you to an interview. In certain cases we may be able to refer your incident to Senate staff, the Department of Defense or other agencies.

Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 with provisions to establish a secure system to collect information about UAP from active duty witnesses but there is no direct, confidential reporting option for commercial pilots and veterans. ASA provides one through its Witness Program.

Ryan Graves and several of our Advisors including David Fravor and Alex Dietrich were the first Navy pilots to come forward to Congress about UAP. Jay Stratton previously led the UAP Task Force and Chris Mellon has played a leading role in helping UAP witnesses come forward since 2017.

Report UAP

Advisors // Pilots

Alex Dietrich
Alex Dietrich

Ex F/A-18 pilot, U.S. Navy

David Fravor
David Fravor

Ex F/A-18 pilot, U.S. Navy

Michael Greene
Michael Greene

Ex F/A-18 weapons system officer, U.S. Marines

Sam Fletcher
Sam Fletcher

Ex F/A-18 weapons system officer, U.S. Navy

Advisors // Witness Program

Jay Stratton
Jay Stratton

Ex Director, UAP Task Force

Christopher Mellon
Christopher Mellon

Ex Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Admiral Tim Gallaudet
Admiral Tim Gallaudet

Ex Head of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Kirk McConnell
Kirk McConnell

Ex Professional Staff, Senate Armed Services Committee

Advisors // Advocacy and Policy

Susan McCue
Susan McCue

Ex Chief of Staff, Harry Reid

Bryan Bender
Bryan Bender

Ex Defense Editor, Politico

Mike Gold
Mike Gold

Ex NASA UAP Independent Study Team member

David Radzanowski
David Radzanowski

Ex CFO and Chief of Staff, NASA

Our mission


Let's identify what's in our skies.

Americans for Safe Aerospace is a military pilot led nonprofit organization dedicated to aerospace safety and national security with a focus on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). ASA was founded by Ryan Graves, a former Lieutenant U.S. Navy F/A-18 pilot, who was the first active duty pilot to come forward to Congress about UAP.

Identifying objects in our airspace and eliminating domain awareness gaps is critical to U.S. aviation safety and national security.

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Congressional testimony


Ryan Graves
Ryan Graves

Founder // Executive Director

CEO Merged Capital + Host of Merged Podcast

Ex Lieutenant U.S. Navy, F/A-18 Pilot

Haley Morris
Haley Morris

Co-founder // Communications

Ex Head of Public Affairs, Waymo and Cruise

Ex Communications Director, Senate and House

Brad Crispin
Brad Crispin

Co-founder // Research

Sr. Director of Engineering, Udacity

Creator of UAP Guide

Our work

Frequently asked questions

What is Americans for Safe Aerospace?

Americans for Safe Aerospace is a military pilot led nonprofit organization dedicated to aerospace safety and national security with a focus on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). ASA was founded by Ryan Graves, a former Lieutenant U.S. Navy F/A-18 Pilot and supports military and commercial pilots and aerospace workers impacted by UAP, scientists committed to investigating this mystery, and concerned citizens who believe in transparent disclosure from our government.

What is the mission of Americans for Safe Aerospace?

Our mission is to identify what’s in our skies. We are dedicated to raising public awareness and educating policymakers on UAP as a matter of national security, aerospace safety, and scientific inquiry. Identifying domain awareness gaps is critical to U.S. national security. If UAP are foreign assets, we must respond appropriately. If UAP continue to defy conventional explanation — we must invest in scientific research. We support pilots, scientists, and politicians through education, advocacy, and political action.

How can I stay up-to-date with Americans for Safe Aerospace?

Sign up to join our movement! Emails will include regular updates, briefings on the topic and ways to make your voice heard on the issue.

What are UAP? Advanced UAP?

UAP stands for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena or objects in our airspace that cannot be identified. Advanced UAP represent objects demonstrating sophisticated technology. The government has reported hundreds of cases of UAP, including significant incidents of advanced UAP without explanation. Military pilots have reported UAP routinely flying over sensitive or restricted airspace, posing a potential risk to both flight safety and national security.

What are the reports about UAP from pilots?

Pilots have reported seeing UAP in the air for decades, but have had little support or recourse for their observations. ASA’s goal is to destigmatize the UAP issue and empower pilots to come forward with their accounts. We believe military and commercial pilot experiences are some of the most important tools we have to investigate UAP.

How can I learn more about UAP?

UAP Guide offers a helpful introduction to UAP that has been endorsed by subject matter experts on the topic. UAP Guide covers significant reports and incidents from witnesses in their own words as well as statements from policymakers, military and intelligence officers, academics and journalists.

Why was Americans for Safe Aerospace founded?

The organization was founded to advocate for transparency about UAP from the government and provide support for military and commercial pilots and aerospace workers impacted by UAP. We believe that identifying objects in our skies should be top priority and the American public deserves safe skies and transparency about these phenomena​​.

What kind of activities does Americans for Safe Aerospace engage in?

ASA engages in a range of activities, including providing education about UAP, supporting pilots and other aerospace workers, and advocating for transparency from the government about these phenomena. We are also involved in discussions at Senate UAP hearings and other events related to aerospace safety and national security​​. Here are the core principles that drive our activities and operations:

  • Issue-Driven Advocacy: We target paradigm change by focusing on key issues and advocating for effective policy solutions.
  • Data-Driven Approach: We base our actions and strategies on evidence, leveraging polling and user research to inform our decisions.
  • Positive and Educational Messaging: We prioritize educating the public and fostering awareness, avoiding negative ads and focusing on fact-based information.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with pilots, scientists, politicians, and other stakeholders to achieve our goals.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We commit to operating with transparency, holding ourselves accountable to our mission, vision, and values.
  • Bipartisanship: We work across party lines to foster cooperation and promote policy changes that benefit all Americans.
  • Who should get involved with Americans for Safe Aerospace?

    Anyone who believes in the mission of Americans for Safe Aerospace and wants to join the fight for transparency about UAP is encouraged to get involved. We welcome everyone, from pilots and aerospace workers, to concerned citizens to scientists and academics and government officials​​.

    What is Congress doing about UAP?

    Congress is starting to prioritize investigating UAP thanks to a few key Senators and Representatives. Last year, President Biden signed into law historic legislation in the 2023 NDAA that:

  • Empowered the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) which now reports to top DoD leadership.
  • Directed AARO to develop a data collection and science plan for UAP with ongoing reports to Congress, and to audit all government involvement with UAP since 1945.
  • Created a secure program for whistleblowers to come forward to AARO and Congress that requires identification and waiver of all public and private sector non-disclosure agreements related to UAP.
  • While these provisions are encouraging, there is much more work to be done. Congress has only ever held two hearings on UAP, the first of which took place last year, and little was revealed to the public. ASA believes that we need more transparency from our government on this important issue.

    Why do you accept donations?

    As a public charity, we accept donations to support the direct costs of our public education mission. Our staff are volunteers but we depend entirely on donations to operate.

    How are staff paid?

    ASA staff are volunteers.

    Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes Americans for Safe Aerospace is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


    Media: haley@safeaerospace.org

    Witnesses: ryan@safeaerospace.org