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About ASA

Americans for Safe Aerospace is a charitable organization that is dedicated to aerospace safety and national security by providing public education on unidentified anomalous phenomena and supporting pilots and other aerospace workers impacted by UAP.

If UAP are foreign drones, they pose an urgent threat to national security and airspace safety. If they are something else, it must be a scientific priority to find out.

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Ryan Graves

Ryan Graves


CEO Merged Point + Host of Merged Podcast

Ex Lieutenant U.S. Navy, F/A-18 Pilot

Haley Morris

Haley Morris

Head of Communications, AIAA UAPIOC

Ex Head of Public Affairs, Waymo and Cruise

Ex Communications Director, Senate and House

Bryan Bender

Bryan Bender

VP Communications Strategy, SMI

Author of 'You Are Not Forgotten'

Ex Senior National Correspondent, Politico

Brad Crispin

Brad Crispin

Sr. Director of Engineering, Udacity

Creator of UAP Guide

Ex VP Investment Banking, SPP Capital

Susan McCue

Susan McCue

President of message-global

Founding President & CEO, The ONE Campaign

Ex Chief of Staff, Harry Reid

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We will be announcing our advisory board as part of our official launch.

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