Report a UAP sighting


Americans for Safe Aerospace (ASA) is committed to supporting qualified observers of hard-to-explain events through our Witness Program for commercial pilots and veterans.

Stigma prevents reporting. Over 60% of the reports we receive are only brought to ASA. Witnessess commonly tell us they "just want someone to know."


If you are a commercial pilot or a veteran and you want to share your account of a UAP observation, we want to support you. We will take in your account without judgment. If you decide to contact us you are in full control of your information and we will not share it with anyone without your permission.

What we can do

We may request additional information or schedule an interview. In some cases we may be able to refer your case to professional staff in the Senate, the Department of Defense or other agencies.

What you can do

Please include as much information as you feel comfortable and indicate whether you would be willing to interview with us. While we try to respond to every report, we prioritize incidents where video or photos are available.


If you want to report multiple lights above the horizon at night, please take a moment to watch this video of Starlink satellites flaring as they orbit in a criss-cross grid pattern. To see how this happens, here is a real time visualization of the Starlink constellation. But unless you are sure it was Starlink, we would encourage you to make your report.

How to get in touch

Send us an email at with a brief outline of your account.

Veterans should indicate only if your report relates to classfied information. Do NOT include any classified information in your report. We will never ask you to discuss sensitive information.

Military and DoD civilian personnel can report through their command or service in accordance with GENADMIN Joint Staff J3 Washington DC 191452ZMAY23 “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Reporting and Material Disposition."