Helping UAP Witnesses Come Forward


Congress passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal 2023 (S. 4503) with provisions to establish a secure system to collect information about unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena (UAP) from military and civilian witnesses and whistleblowers, to provide enhanced whistleblower protections, and to void provisions of any government or private sector non-disclosure agreement that would prevent reports about UAP from being filed.

Americans for Safe Aerospace is committed to supporting witnesses who want to share their cases with the Senate and the Department of Defense.

We are here to help

If you are aircew or a military UAP witness and you want to come forward, we want to support you. If you decide to contact us you are in full control of your information and we will not share it with anyone without your permission. We start by asking you what your goals are.

Our focus is to support aircew and military witnesses who want to come forward to the Senate or the Department of Defense anonymously or who are willing to share their account publicly. We are not a UAP reporting service.

We know what it takes

Ryan Graves and several of our Aircrew Leadership Council including David Fravor and Alex Dietrich were the first Navy pilots to come forward to Congress about UAP, and our advisor Chris Mellon has played a leading role in helping UAP witnesses come forward since 2017, and advisor Jay Stratton previously led the UAP Task Force.

In certain cases that involve multiple witnesses and/or supporting sensor data, we can help prepare a synopsis of your account and with your permission, refer it to stakeholders in Congress and the Department of Defense.

How to get in touch

Send us an email at with a brief outline of your account.

Please indicate only if your report relates to classfied information. Do NOT include any classified information in your initial report. We will never ask you to discuss sensitive information.