July 18, 2023

Contact: Haley Morris


ASA Announces UAP Witness Campaign

Washington, D.C. — Americans for Safe Aerospace (ASA) today announced a public campaign to support commercial aircrew and military UAP witnesses who want to share their accounts. The campaign will respect witness confidentiality or support public disclosure at the discretion of the individual and their case. More than 30 commercial aircrew and military witnesses have already approached ASA to share their accounts, prompting the need for a formalized campaign and support. Credible UAP witness testimony is the driving force behind new landmark UAP disclosure legislation, The Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023 just introduced last week.

“I have been talking to veterans and commercial pilots about daily UAP encounters, and they want answers about what is flying in our skies. Whether these UAP are foreign drones or something else, this data should be collected, evaluated and identified,” said ASA Co-Founder Ryan Graves. “Right now, there is very little formalized support for UAP aircrew witnesses, and Americans for Safe Aerospace has the expertise to mobilize and fill that gap. From my own experience, I know firsthand the stigma around the UAP topic and the very real fear of professional consequences so I want to help others navigate the process of coming forward.”

Americans for Safe Aerospace is uniquely positioned to support commercial aircrew and military UAP witnesses. Ryan Graves was the first active duty military pilot to come forward to Congress about the UAP he and his squadron were witnessing off the Eastern Seaboard. Members of ASA’s Aircrew Leadership Council including David Fravor and Alex Dietrich were the first former Navy pilots to meet with Congress about their UAP encounter. ASA Senior Advisor Chris Mellon has played a leading role in helping UAP witnesses come forward since 2017. Other ASA Senior Advisors such as Tim Gallaudet and Garry Nolan have played a key role with UAP witnesses.

Commercial aircrew and military UAP witnesses are encouraged to visit ASA’s website and follow the steps to confidentially contact ASA with an outline of their account. ASA will then meet with the witness for an interview and bring in an ASA advisor with relevant expertise for further evaluation and support. Together, decisions are made regarding any next actions, which can include meeting with staff and Members of the U.S. Congress or AARO - only at the explicit permission and willingness of the UAP witness. ASA maintains the highest level of confidentiality and discretion through this process.

“Americans for Safe Aerospace is already actively working with several credible UAP witnesses who are interested in sharing their case with Congress and AARO. These cases include multiple witnesses to UAP incidents with contemporaneous documentation,” Graves continued. “As stigma recedes, there will be many more UAP witnesses who want to come forward, and their accounts should be recorded and investigated as a matter of our national security, airspace safety and scientific inquiry.”

ASA is encouraged by how Congress is responding to credible and compelling UAP witness testimony. The Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023, historic UAP transparency policy proposed by Senators Schumer, Rounds, Rubio, Gillibrand, Young and Heinrich, was driven by “the sheer number and variety [of UAP witness accounts].” A key mechanism of The UAP Disclosure Act creates a 9-member civilian Review Board empowered to “hold hearings, administer oaths, and subpoena [UAP] witnesses and documents” in connection with declassifying or scheduling the declassification of UAP documents for distribution to the public.

Americans for Safe Aerospace (ASA) is the first military pilot led organization dedicated to UAP as an issue of national security and aerospace safety. ASA has more than 4,000 members and convenes military and commercial aircrew including David Fravor, Alex Dietrich, and Michael Greene and thought leaders on UAP including Christopher Mellon, Tim Gallaudet, Bryan Bender, Susan McCue, Garry Nolan of Stanford, David Radzanowski (former CFO and Chief of Staff at NASA), and Avi Loeb of Harvard. ASA was founded by former U.S. Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves, who was the first active duty pilot to come forward to Congress about UAP.